mind reading and close up

Rarely will you find a form of entertainment that has such broad appeal and it is even harder to find an artist that guarantees to deliver fun and interesting shows.

Luca is without a doubt one of the most valued Mentalists in the world. Winner of the prestigious Merlin Award "Mentalist of the Year Europe" and Nostradamus Award for “Best European Magician”, he is also a member of the Magic Circle in London with the degree of A.I.M.C. with Silver Star (highest recognition for his live show), he has performed all around the world for top corporate companies such as Hilton, BMW, Endemol and many others. High profile business personalities and celebrities have chosen Luca to perform for their private parties on board luxurious yatches situated in wonderful places like Portofino, Capri and the French Riviera.

In the past several years, over one million passengers have been entertained by Luca’s incredible live shows onboard luxury cruise liners that include Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises. Luca and his staff are ready to make your special event unique and unforgettable.

From 10 to 10,000 people, his show will guarantee you the perfect entertainment for your guests. Luca can present up to two hours of fascinating mental experiments with his show “IN MY MIND“. His shows are an unforgettable experience combining memory techniques, psychological subtleties and body language to give the impression that Luca as a sixth sense. As creator and producer of the show, you can be assured that each and every number is new and original. The show is available in different formats and durations depending on the needs of your clients. It can be customized to the needs of the event, thus creating a special, personalized effect. For international clients the show is available in fluent English, Italian and Spanish.

‘In My Mind’
‘In My Mind’ is a unique live show that combines different ‘illusions of the mind’. Audiences will be left wondering ‘how is this possible?’ as he impossibly bends metal objects with just the power of his mind and makes incredible predictions. Luca also involves in the audiences in a mind game that will reveal who is telling the truth and who isn’t! In this show Luca is also joined on stage by Rebecca who pays homage to the first female mentalist Anna Eva Fay by recreating her famous effect ‘The Spirit Cabinet’. This is a wow factor show that always leaves audiences completely amazed.

Corporate Events
Luca is one of the most requested mentalists for corporate events around the world. Mentalism is a relatively new and fresh form of entertainment that many people will never have experienced live before. Unique and impressive, mentalism incorporates truly incredible effects that will leave audiences utterly confounded creating a memorable experience that ensures that your event is talked about long after it is over. Luca can also incorporate company logos and messages into his shows in any number of inventive and creative ways to ensure that clients get talking about and remember your company.

Close-up Entertainment
The art of entertaining displayed through fascinating close-up mentalism and delivered with pure Italian elegance and style. Luca's high class close-up magic service is ideal for all occasions and types of events, from small intimate gatherings to large corporate functions. Luca delivers with extreme professionalism and sensitivity, ensuring that the customer receives only the very best entertainment. Suitable for a variety of settings including table, strolling and reception.

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